Anger Foot – How To Unlock All Shoes And Abilities

In the aptly named action game Anger Foot, you’ll head-kick hundreds of bad guys on your way to reclaiming the shoes that were stolen from your proud display. This colorful first-person game is like reimagining John Wick as a sneakerhead, and part of fulfilling that fantasy is giving players a wide range of other kicks to, uh, kick with.

That includes 24 unlockable shoe styles in the game, which you can claim by earning stars from each level’s optional objectives. In this guide, we’ve rounded up all of the shoes in the game, both how they look and what buff or feature they provide. Many of these will stack the odds in your favor–big head mode, for example, is a boon when that’s where your tactical toes are aiming anyway. Others are there just to add a new wrinkle to the game, such as giving the entire experience a boomer shooter makeover.

If you want to snag all two dozen shoes to your collection, or just preview them as you practice your Anderson Silva impression, use our Anger Foot shoes guide right here.

Feet – Unlocked to start the game

Your default bare feet offer no special powers. Sorry if that’s hard to accept.

Scavengers – 5 Stars

Kicking goons replenishes ammo.

Brain Expanders – 10 Stars

Activates big head mode.

Holy Sandals – 15 Stars

Resurrects the player once after death, and allows them to walk on all liquids.

Chargers – Unlocked via story progress

Charge a fast, long-distance kick that blows through enemies and doors.

Detonators – 20 Stars

Kicked doors explode.


Knock goons upwards.

Soul Suckers – 30 Stars

Take reduced damage, but die when you stop killing.

Thrusters – 35 Stars

Grants a jump in mid-air.

Slide Kickers – Unlocked via story progress

Perform a slide kick (duh).

Stillettos – 40 Stars

Throws are deadly but bullets only stun.

Revengers – 45 Stars

Kicked goons explode after a short time.

Floaties – 50 Stars

Greatly reduces gravity.

Firefighters – 55 Stars

Resist fire and explosion damage, and get extra propulsion from rocket jumps.

Flash Kickers – Unlocked via story progress

Unleash a flurry of kicks and travel great distances.

Size Threes – 60 Stars

Baby shoes (never worn?) reduce your height.

Pumped Kicks – 65 Stars

Turns every weapon into a shotgun with severe kickback.

Rage Runners – 70 Stars

Gives the player a short burst of rage when they kick down a door, providing faster movement and attack speed.

Gamblers – 75 Stars

Goons drop random weapons when they die.

Timestoppers – Unlocked via story progress

Slow time when kicking doors.

Clown Shoes – 80 Stars

Makes circus noises and throws confetti when enemies are killed or doors are opened. Enemies also deflate and fly around when killed.

Fly Whisperers – 85 Stars

Kicked flies become allies buzzing around enemies and causing them distress.

Plakkies – 90 Stars

The player slides around when moving, and both player and enemies have greatly reduced accuracy when shooting. This nerf can be reduced by drinking beers.

Boomers – 95 Stars

Applies a boomer shooter filter with retro screen effects, and gives the player a health bar that doesn’t regenerate HP.

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