Batman Ninja 2 Teaser Turns The Justice League Into Villains

The 2018 anime movie Batman Ninja had one of the wildest takes on the Dark Knight in the hero’s 85-year history. The film sent Batman, as well as most of his allies and villains, back in time for an epic battle in feudal Japan that included a mech piloted by Joker and an army of monkeys that merged into a giant samurai monkey that Batman could use against Joker’s super-robot. Now, the first look at the sequel, Batman Ninja vs. Yakuza League, has arrived. And if the teaser trailer is any indication, Batman’s return trip to feudal Japan will include an even more audacious take on some very familiar faces.

The Yakuza League appear to be Batman’s allies in the Justice League who have somehow been transformed into villains. Only a female Green Lantern (possibly Jessica Cruz), Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash are seen in their new roles. However, there’s no sign of the Justice League’s most powerful member, Superman.

Presumably Batman and Robin won’t be the only heroes standing in the way of the Yakuza League. But for now, there isn’t any sign of backup from the rest of the Bat-family. At the very least, Batman and Robin have their Batwing plane, assuming that Green Lantern doesn’t destroy it during their encounter, as glimpsed in the trailer.

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