Concord Beta: How To Get In, When To Play, And Rewards

Sony has revealed more details for the Concord early access beta, including global release times and the recommended hardware requirements for PC. The early-access period will be open to all PS Plus subscribers, although it was initially only open to people who had preordered the game. Progress will carry over from the early access beta to the open beta–but not the full game–and Sony says PS Plus subscribers can pre-download the beta now.

Concord beta rewards

All 16 Freegunner characters will be unlocked and available to play in the betas, and three game modes will be available across three maps: Clash Point, Trophy Hunt, and Cargo Run. Once the open beta begins on July 18, the mode Area Control will be added alongside a fourth map. There’ll also be several rewards for players who join the betas, including a Frog weapon charm and the Star Flare in-game business card. Concord is currently scheduled to launch on August 23 for PC and PS5.

Concord Beta global release times

Australians are going to have to stay up really late to play the Concord beta.

Early access weekend: July 12-14

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