Epic Games Store’s latest weekly freebies bring arcade management and adorable deckbuilding

If you’re hankering for some freebie action to see you into the weekend, you might want to point yourself toward the Epic Games Store, where you can procure a helping of arcade management and grid-based, turn-based deckbuilding for the sum of zero pee.

More specifically, from now until next Thursday, 18th July, the following titles are free to download and keep via the Epic Games Store:

Starting with Nosebleed Interactive’s Arcade Paradise, it’s a sort of hands-on, first-person management game challenging players to turn their family’s run-down laundrette into a thriving arcade, one shiny new cabinet at a time. Your time is split between keeping the laundrette running – manually collecting trash, washing and folding clothes, unclogging the toilet, and so on – in order to scrape together the cash needed to expand your arcade empire. Which is where you’ll spend the rest of your time: messing around with the base game’s 35 available cabinets, all of which are playable. Christian Donlan liked Arcade Paradise a lot!

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