Gladiator 2’s First Trailer Is Out Now, And It’s Absolutely Epic

At long last, the first trailer for Gladiator II has arrived–and it’s stunning. The trailer for the Ridley Scott-directed film gives fans a first look at Paul Mescal playing a grown-up Lucius and some of the trials and tribulations he will face as he suits up for battle in the arena.

Gladiator II arrives in theaters on November 22, which is just ahead of the Thanksgiving long weekend in the US. Expectations are high, as the 2000 film won Best Picture and was a box office smash.

In addition to Mescal as Lucius, Gladiator II features Pedro Pascal as Marcus Acacius, a Roman general leading the efforts to expand Rome’s empire. He captures Lucius and brings him back to Rome. Fred Hechinger plays Emperor Caracalla, while Joseph Quinn portrays Emperor Geta. Denzel Washington plays Macrinus, while Connie Nielsen returns to play Lucilla once again.

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