How Metal Slug: Awakening Evolves the Franchise’s Iconic Formula

Few side-scrolling shooters have withstood the test of time quite like SNK’s Metal Slug series. From soaking up coins on arcade screens to bringing that same frantic arcade experience to home consoles, Metal Slug has kept the genre alive and well with its unmistakable cartoonish charm wrapped around fast and frantic run-and-gun action.

Now, Metal Slug is heading to our mobile and PC screens with the release of Metal Slug: Awakening. Awakening isn’t just set to be the most portable Metal Slug experience yet, it’s also evolving the classic formula by revamping everything from the iconic visuals to the gameplay mechanics, multiplayer options, and more–all while retaining the core run-and-gun philosophy that has kept the franchise so popular over the last 28 years.

Metal Slug: Now in 2.5D!

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