How To Unlock The Skull Cavern In Stardew Valley

The Skull Cavern is the second mine you can unlock in Stardew Valley and one of the best places to find Iridium, the most valuable ore. Unlocking the Skull Cavern will require you to not only complete the first mine found in the Mountains, but you will also need to complete one of the Community Center bundles or unlock via the Joja Mart development form.

How to unlock the Skull Cavern

The Skull Cavern is a challenging mine filled with dangerous monsters, but the rewards are worth it.

The Skull Cavern is located in the Desert, but it also requires a special key to open it. The Skull Key can be found on floor 120 in the mines, which is the final floor of the mines. You unlock an elevator stop every five floors, so you will eventually make your way to the bottom.

With the Skull Key, you will need to repair the bus, which can take you to the Desert. There are two methods of repairing the bus. The first is by completing the Vault bundles in the Community Center. The Vault is unlocked by completing four bundles from other parts of the community center. The Vault bundles don’t require specific items, but instead require a large amount of money. There are four bundles, totaling 42,500G. The second method is to outright buy it for 40,000G via the Joja Mart development, if you are doing that quest line.

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