Nintendo Sees Potential In Generative AI, But Won’t Make Games Created “By Technology Alone”

Several video game companies have begun exploring how generative AI can help with the development process of their titles, but Nintendo isn’t ready to embrace the technology just yet. When asked in a shareholder Q&A if the company had any initiatives in place to use AI, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa explained that AI could be used “in creative ways” but there were also “issues with intellectual property rights” to deal with.

“Generative AI, which is becoming a big topic recently, can be used in creative ways, but we recognize that it may also raise issues with intellectual property rights,” Furukawa said. While Nintendo is open to “utilizing technological developments,” it is currently relying on its experienced employees to develop unique games.

“We have decades of know-how in creating the best gaming experiences for our players. While we are open to utilizing technological developments, we will work to continue delivering value that is unique to Nintendo and cannot be created by technology alone,” Furukawa said.

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