PS5 Sales Outpacing PS4, While Xbox Series X|S Falls Behind Xbox One In US

With PS5 and Xbox Series X|S entering the middle age of their hardware lifecycle, Circana (formerly known as NPD) has provided comparison numbers for how they’re doing against their predecessors. Long story short: PS5 is outperforming the PS4, while Xbox Series X|S is falling behind the Xbox One in the US.

Circana revealed that PS5 hardware sales are 8% ahead of PS4 after 43 months of availability. Meanwhile, Xbox Series X|S “trails Xbox One by 13% and remain[s] slightly behind Xbox 360.”

This probably doesn’t come as a big surprise, since previous reports pointed to PS5 outselling Xbox Series X|S handily. In addition, Xbox hardware had its worst sales dropoff in years according to a recent earnings report.

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