Stream Brings Terrifier Team And Halloween Star Together On New Slasher

Before Terrifer 3 hits theaters later this year, a new horror film called Stream is reuniting the team behind that flick, including David Howard Thornton. After establishing himself as the iconic Art the Clown in the first two Terrifier films, Thornton is now portraying another serial killer, Player 2. But as seen in the first trailer for Stream, Player 2 isn’t the only threat on the prowl. Three other serial killers are also competing against Player 2 to determine who is the most-creative murderer.

The film brings together three other horror luminaries as well: Jeffrey Combs, Tony Todd, and Danielle Harris. Combs portrays Mr. Lockwood, the owner of a small hotel and the apparent mastermind behind the contest of serial killers. To keep any of the potential victims from escaping, Lockwood has shut down every exit in his hotel.

Harris is playing Elaine Keenan, the wife of Roy Keenan (Charles Edwin Powell). The trailer establishes that the Keenans are having some problems with their kids. Unfortunately, their attempt to smooth things over with a family vacation has gone horribly wrong. Todd is only briefly glimpsed in the trailer, and we don’t know who he’s portraying yet. The film also features Dee Wallace, Tim Reid, Mark Holton, Felissa Rose, Daniel Roebuck, Dave Sheridan, and Terry Alexander.

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