The First Descendant – How To Unlock Bunny For Free

The First Descendant has arrived, and in this immediately popular free-to-play looter shooter, you’ll step into the slick suits of several heroes, each of them representing different builds with unique skill sets. Though only three characters are available to choose from when you first jump into the game, your first character unlock thereafter, Bunny, can be obtained for free and without much of a grind–which isn’t the case for the other locked characters.

Knowing how to get Bunny in The First Descendant means completing several steps over the game’s first few hours, so in this guide we’ll walk you through every step so you can claim the “speedster” hero for yourself.

Optional: find Bunny in the Descendant menu

After you’ve chosen your starter character from the three available–the ice queen Viessa, the tanky Ajax, or the defensive Lepic–you’ll be thrown into the game’s world. A number of cutscenes will introduce the story and setting, and you’ll even meet Bunny, your soon-to-be-unlocked character, who offers a build based on speed and electric powers.

You can view her bio, kit, and other details by going into the Descendant menu and viewing the character list. If you click her Research Info, you’ll see you need several items to unlock her if you want to do so for free.

This screen, and this game as a whole, will throw a lot of new proper nouns at you in the way these Destiny-likes always do. Don’t fret; though it can seem daunting to learn it all at first, your path to Bunny is simpler than it seems. It just takes a little while to get to the end.

Complete several critical-path missions

Essentially, what you’ll want to do to unlock Bunny is stay on the critical path for a while, as the game uses her unlock as an example of the gameplay loop. You’ll leave the MMO-like safe zone hub of Albion for Kingston, the first open-world section of the game, where you’ll complete several main missions marked with purple icons like that seen in the image above.

Each of these missions will grant you a key item in Bunny’s research requirements. The complete list of required missions and their rewards can be seen below.

Vulgus Field Generator – Bunny Enhanced CellsInfiltrate the Magister Lab – Bunny StabilizerVulgus Data Transmitter – Bunny Spiral CatalystSlumber Valley – Amorphous Material pattern: BunnyDefeat a Gravewalker in a Void Intercept Battle (normal difficulty) – Bunny Code

You’ll also need to amass 400,000 gold, but you’ll get that much and a bit more just by completing these missions. Once you’ve completed these missions, you’ll be able to research her completely, but before we get to that, be mindful of a few key tips.

Don’t play alone

The First Descendant is not meant to be played solo. Some will try, and some of them will even succeed, but this is really a game designed for co-op, so be sure that you are choosing public lobbies when loading into missions–you’ll know you are as the game asks you for your preference–or, if you’d rather not play with strangers, bring some friends.

The enemy waves in some missions can overwhelm solo players, but by combining your powers with those from other players, this early-game onboarding will be much less stressful.

Make sure you choose Bunny’s Amorphous Material!

This is an important one, as you can actually miss one of the key items you need to research Bunny’s character unlock. After the game’s first boss battle, you’ll choose from three rewards for your troubles. Be sure you select the one on the right, “Amorphous Material pattern: Bunny.”

Selecting either of the others will mean you don’t have a vital component and thus may need to play the boss battle again to get it.

Finding the Gravewalker

Once you’ve beaten the boss and selected Bunny’s Amorphous Material, you’ll have one more item to obtain: Bunny Code. For this, you won’t find a mission in Kingston like the others before it. You’ll actually want to head into your map screen and select the Void Intercept Battle (normal difficulty) at the bottom of the screen.

This will open up a menu displaying the several Void Intercept missions currently in the game, though only the Gravewalker will be unlocked for you at this moment. Select it, and once again ensure you play it in co-op. The Gravewalker is extremely tanky, and though its offensive abilities aren’t too threatening, it’ll take a full group to deplete its HP down to nothing within the time limit.

Be mindful of the Gravewalker’s weaknesses

One important tip for this battle with the massive robot is to know its weak points. Before you start the mission, you’ll be briefed on where and how the Gravewalker is most vulnerable. It’s critical that you and/or your allies target these areas and use the recommended resistances if you have them.

The Gravewalker attacks with fire and is weak to piercing ammo, and at this point in the game, you’ll have already obtained a number of new guns and mods, so customize your loadout before you head into battle to give yourself the best chance to prevail.

Speak to Anais in Albion

Once you’ve beaten the Gravewalker, you’ll have earned the Bunny Code, and by now have eclipsed 400,000 gold, so you’ll have the last of what you need to claim Bunny for free.

Head back to Albion and find Anais. She’s set up in the research center in the bottom left on the map screen, as seen above.

Research Bunny

When speaking with Anais, choose to research a new Descendant and select Bunny. The screen will confirm you have everything you need, and it’ll tell you that the project will take just one minute of research time.

Begin the research, then wait 60 seconds.

Pictured: Bunny’s research project now ready to begin

Bunny is now unlocked

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked Bunny for free, and you’ve claimed your first post-launch Descendant. As of now, all 14 characters in the game can be earned for free, though after your starter character and Bunny, others won’t come as easily. They often demand you complete harder missions, obtain more and rarer items, and wait longer times for each research project to finish. You can also skip the grind and purchase characters in the game’s shop, of course.

Optional: Switch to Bunny in the Descendant menu

If you’d like to swap out your starter character for Bunny right away, you can do so in the Descendant menu. She will drop into the world right away, and she’ll even be at the same level as your starter character, which will be level 10 at that point in the game if you’ve stayed on the guided path thus far.

We’ll be bringing you more First Descendant guides soon, so stay tuned.

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