This weekend I grew a fungus daughter in eerie narrative RPG Mushroom Musume, which has a demo

I don’t plan on having kids, but in the event that I change my mind, commissioning a forest Witch to grow one from a mushroom seems a lot easier than the usual human procreative process, though possibly just as abundant in screaming. I’ve been playing the demo for “cute-creepy” RPG and life sim Mushroom Musume, in which you – an unnamed “Recluse” – cultivate and play as a series of mushroom daughters. My current mushroom daughter is called Alia. She’s a Common Turquoise Truffle. She’s got a small pig acquaintance, who so far hasn’t tried to devour her, and a cute fuzzy hat, which she stole from outside a church – precise impact on character development still TBC.

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