Zenless Zone Zero – How To Unlock All Free Characters

There are 17 agents that are part of Zenless Zone Zero version 1.0 (also known as the launch version of the game). While the vast majority come from its gacha feature called Signal Search, some can be yours without spending a single dime. Here’s our guide on how to unlock all free characters in Zenless Zone Zero.

How to unlock free characters in Zenless Zone Zero tips – Free-to-play characters guide

As of the time of this writing, we know of the following free Zenless Zone Zero characters:


You don’t need to spend anything to obtain them in-game. However, if you want to max out their capabilities, you need to obtain their respective Agent Focus, usually by earning duplicates from Signal Search (i.e. gacha wishes) or by purchasing from the Signal Shop.

Note 1: You explore New Eridu as Proxies named Belle and Wish, but you don’t actually control them in combat as they’re not agents.

Note 2: To learn about the ideal characters for your roster, you can check our best agents tier list.

Nicole, Anby, and Billy

The three members of the Cunning Hares, Nicole Demara, Anby Demara, and Billy Kid, are the Zenless Zone Zero free characters that you can get at the earliest time. They actually join up near the beginning of the campaign. This is primarily because combat in the game involves having a three-person squad, which means you need three agents to learn all there is to know about battle mechanics.

Nicole is a Support-type that uses the Ether element, which can wreak havoc when it triggers the corruption debuff.Anby, meanwhile, is a Stun specialist that can help your team incapacitate foes. She also has the Electric element with its shock debuff, causing additional damage to a foe that’s attacked while afflicted.Lastly, Billy is a ranged Attack specialist who wields dual pistols. His shots deal Physical damage, which can inflict the assault debuff (interruption and high Physical damage), and flinch (increased daze build-up).

Since these three characters become part of your roster early on, you’re going to make use of them for quite some time. Likewise, they’re part of the same faction (Cunning Hares), which means their additional passive perks are activated in battles.


Corin is a demure maid from Victoria Housekeeping Co. Similar to Billy, she’s an Attack specialist who deals Physical damage, with the difference being that she’s a melee character who needs to be in the thick of the fray.

Corin is part of the global pre-registration milestone rewards. You should be able to claim her via in-game mail during your playthrough.


The burly bear Ben Bigger bashes and beats baddies. Currently the only Defense-type agent in the game, he provides his teammates with invaluable shielding and protection, coupled with extra Fire-based abilities.

Ben Bigger joins your squad upon completion of a “Rookie on the Road” event objective, which entails reaching Inter-Knot level 23 and finishing Chapter 2.


Soukaku is another free character in Zenless Zone Zero. She has the Ice element, and she’s a Support class that grants bonus ATK and Ice damage to her allies.

Soukaku can be yours once you’re finished with Chapter 2 – Interlude and reach Inter-Knot level 30. This unlocks the Shiyu Defense activity, and you must clear Shiyu Defense Stage 3 to earn her as a reward.

Free 5-star or S-rank character from the Star-Studded Cast banner

While this guide is primarily about the Zenless Zone Zero free characters you can unlock, it’s worth noting that there are S-rank (or 5-star) agents that can be yours if you get lucky in Signal Search (i.e. gacha wishes/pulls).

The Star-Studded Cast banner has a promo where 10 pulls only cost 8x Master Tape (i.e. premium gacha currency). Moreover, you’re guaranteed one S-rank character within 50 pulls. Technically, you can just amass enough Master Tape through early-game tasks for a single 10-pull and hope for the best. If you don’t get the agent you want, you can just make another account or “reroll” to go through the initial stages of the game.

Here are the S-rank agents that are available in the Star-Studded Cast banner:

Grace: Electric; Anomaly-type; Belobog Heavy Industries faction.Rina: Electric; Support-type; Victoria Housekeeping Co. faction.Koleda: Fire; Stun-type; Belobog Heavy Industries faction.Nekomiya: Physical; Attack-type; Cunning Hares faction.Soldier 11: Fire; Attack-type; Obol Squad faction.Lycaon: Ice; Stun-type; Victoria Housekeeping Co. faction.

Last but not least, even if you don’t get the agent that you prefer, there’s a long-term pity mechanic of sorts. Once you’ve done 300 pulls (a very costly endeavor), you can select the S-rank agent that you really want.

That does it for our guide on how to unlock free characters in Zenless Zone Zero. As you’re getting set to step foot on New Eridu, we encourage you to check our beginner’s guide for more tips. We also have a best agents tier list so you know how these free-to-play characters fare in the long run.

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