27 years later, the spirit of Lego Island lives on in a surprising place

Lego fans of a certain age had a bit of a moment last month, when pizza delivery kid Pepper Roni – yes, from stone-cold 1997 classic Lego Island – popped up in a trailer for a new video game.

The redheaded hero, last seen more than two decades ago, has been resurrected by the Lego Group for a cool cameo in Lego Tycoon: Tilted Towers – a game made for a very different generation of Lego fans, but one which this Lego Island veteran has also had fun with.

Lego Tycoon is the latest licensed experience for the brick building brand to launch in Fortnite, following the arrival of Epic Games’ main Lego Fortnite mode last year and a smattering of smaller, more experimental mini-games since. It’s made by Beyond Creative, a Dublin-based development studio dedicated entirely to building games in Fortnite.

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