AFK Journey Codes June 2024

Just as we are about to begin a new season, so does AFK Journey. This brings many new updates to the game, but even better, it means more chances for new codes! On this page, we have compiled all the currently active codes for AFK Journey in June 2024 to make your grinding more manageable and take advantage of all the free rewards and bonuses.

Below is a list of all the currently active AFK Journey codes in June 2024 that you can use to get free rewards to spend in the Guild Store for items such as Invitation Letters or in the Arena.

Don’t miss out on the latest AFK Journey updates to get back in action!

Active AFK Journey Codes June 2024

Redeem the following AFK Journey codes before they expire! The currency contained within these codes can be valuable to get items such as Invitation Letters, Sigils, and Challenge tickets in the Arena.

MARKIJOURNEY (1k Diamonds, 50k Gold)hwidnabwbd (Invitation Letter x11)LILITH11AFKJ (Invitation Letters x11)AFKJRUBBERROSS (300 Diamonds, 50k Gold)AFKJLUDWIG (300 Diamonds, 50k Gold)AFKJLILYPICHU (300 Diamonds, 50k Gold)AFKJBARRY (100 Diamonds, 20k Gold)AFKJVOLKIN (100 Diamonds, 20k Gold)AFKJMTASHED (100 Diamonds, 20k Gold)AFKJZEEEBO (100 Diamonds, 20k Gold)AFKJCREATIONFEST (200 Diamonds, 50k Gold)AFKJUPDATE (100 Diamonds, 20k Gold)

How to Redeem AFK Journey Codes

Once you open the AFK Journey start screen, head over to the Settings cog wheel.

Select the Others tab.

Select the Redeem Code and enter the code. Once you finish writing it, click the checkmark button for your rewards.

How to Obtain AFK Journey Codes

To catch new codes, check the game’s official social media sites listed below. In addition to catching new code drops, these sites are a great way to stay up to date with any ongoing and upcoming events that can earn you some sweet in-game rewards and physical prizes such as the most recent PlayStation 5 prize.

Discord Facebook X

Current AFK Journey Events and Updates – June 2024

While the Warsong Festival has come to an end, the Song of Strife season is still going strong in AFK Journey. The season runs from May 12th to July 12th, so there is still time to reap the rewards of the game’s first season.

In this season, you can encounter new additional heroes, such as Alsa and Soren from the Mauler faction, alongside new puzzles, cosmetics and much more! What’s more, you can also enter in the Song of Strife Creation Fest Contest, where you can showcase your creativity and talent for even more in-game and physical rewards.

In addition, the game has been updated with its 1.1.5 patch, which, aside from nuumerous bug fixes and optimizations, adds major updates such as the addition of the new S-Level Hypogean Hero – Phraesto and new Season Artifacts like Fleetfoot Spell and Thunderbolt Spell.

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