Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC Launches This Week

It was a year ago at Summer Game Fest 2023 that we saw our first extended look at Alan Wake 2, and now, Remedy is back on Geoff Keighley’s stage to give a first look at Night Springs, the first of two Alan Wake 2 expansions set for 2024.

In Night Springs, players will take on the role of three different characters, each inspired by characters from Remedy’s past. This includes The Waitress, who looks like Rose Marigold; The Sibling, who looks like Control’s Jesse Faden; and The Actor, who looks like Tim Breaker (but let’s not beat around the bush–he also looks like Quantum Break’s Jack Joyce.)

Across three “episodes” of Night Springs, players will live through a trio of Alan’s failed attempts to get out of the Dark Place during his long stay there from 2010 to 2023. Check out the trailer for yourself, which, among other fun head-scratchers, seems to confirm Shawn Ashmore’s character is playing himself in perhaps Remedy’s most meta maneuver yet.

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