Armored Core model kit preorder guide

While Gundam is the biggest name when it comes to mecha model kits, Armored Core is pretty popular as well. The game series has no shortage of distinct war machines, and these have translated well into plastic model kits that are snapped up quite quickly by enthusiasts. In fact, the limited runs can command a high price on the reseller market, so it’s always a good idea to secure a preorder before it’s too late.

Amazon has several Armored Core kits arriving over the next couple of months, and we’ve included a list below of what’s on the horizon. We’ve also included a listing for a ready-to-play figure, just in case you’re looking for something from the franchise but you don’t want to bust out some cutting blades and other tools to build your favorite mecha.

On the video game side, you can also pick up Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon at significantly reduced prices from several retailers. Walmart has the best price for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S–$30 instead of $60–but in case it’s sold out you can still get a decent discount from the likes of Amazon and Best Buy. And for a little assistance in this From Software-developed game, you can’t go wrong with the official Armored Core 6 strategy guide.

Walmart — $30

PS5Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

Best Buy — $36

PS4 (Comes with free PS5 upgrade)Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

Amazon — $44 ($40 for PS4, this version has a free PS5 upgrade)


Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon IB-07: SOL 644 Figure

This Tamashii Nations Armored Core 6 figure is pricy at $165, but it’s still a superb replica of the high-tech SOL 644 mech. Also known as the Ayre, this model has 330 parts, a pristine color scheme, a cannon unit set, and interchangeable hands. It’s also highly posable, and with its diecast metal parts, it should easily hold even the most dynamic of movements. This one will be released in January 2025.

Armored Core Nexus: Mirage C01-GAEA

$40 ($50) | Click “Other sellers on Amazon” to get this price

This easy-to-assemble model has a stylish design, multi-colored runners in case you don’t feel like doing any airbrushing, and comes with a big selection of weapons. If you are in the mood to customize, you can combine parts from other models in the Armored Core VI series to create a unique battle-ready frame.

Armored Core 4: Algebra Slouh

$55 | August 28

Featuring a stylish form recreated with brand-new sculpted parts, this slick and lightweight mecha comes equipped with a shotgun, assault rifle, and a missile pod. A selection of decals is also included for extra customization options.

Armored Core: BFF 063AN

$55 | October 30

A blast from the past, the BFF 063AN has been massively redesigned for this new release. Packed with an arsenal of weapons, it also comes with a display base for when you want to show it off it in a cool pose securely.

Armored Core: Nineball Seraph

$85 | October 2

It might look like Ferrari is entering the mecha market, but this model is a faithful recreation of the Nineball Seraph, a tough-as-nails frame that you might recall kicking your butt in not one, but two Armored Core games. A more fine-tuned replica with input from both From Software and Kotobukiya, it has an aggressive design and can even transform into flight mode.

Armored Core: Interior Union Y01-Tellus

$90 | October 2

Elegant and deadly, the Y01-Tellus is a refined model with a fun selection of energy weapons. It comes with multi-colored runners that’ll allow you to recreate a finish that is close to the original game model, and for something different, its VI-series compatibility allows you to create new loadouts using parts from other model kits.

Armored Core: Omer Type-Lahire Stasis

$90 | November 27

The Omer Type-Lahire Stasis from Armored Core has a lean-and-mean design, and its model comes with a range of weapons including assault rifles, laser rifles, missiles, radar, blades, shotguns, boosters, machine guns, handguns, and stabilizers.

Armored Core: Rayleonard 04-Alicia Unsung

$85 | January 29, 2025

Its full title might be a mouthful, but this mecha looks fantastic in its black and dark red colors. Another full package release, the intimidating Alicia Unsung comes with a ton of energy weapons, and its carefully designed shape allows for the intricate model to be posed in a variety of ways.

Armored Core: Aspina White-Glint

$55 | April 2, 2025

Compared to the other exotic designs on this list, the Aspina has a more regal and knightly presence. Affectionately dubbed Joshua’s Glint by enthusiasts, this model kit features new components from a variety of other armored cores to create a unique and heroic mecha design.

Armored Core: Rosenthal CR-Hogire Noblesse Oblige

$119 | July 31

Speaking of armored cores inspired by Arthurian legend, the Noblesse Oblige is another design with subtle medieval influences. It stands apart with its pearl-white and gold finish, while its “wing” armaments give it an almost angelic influence before it unleashes a storm of missiles. It’s worth noting that this is the only model kit on this list that isn’t available directly from Amazon, as it’s being sold by a third-party storefront.

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