Battlefield 2042 Is Getting a Limited-Time Crossover With Dead Space Next Week

Battlefield 2042 is keeping its post-launch content rolling with a surprise Dead Space crossover event.

The limited-time event, which has been given the name Outbreak, brings more than just an Isaac Clarke-like engineer skin for players to enjoy. EA and Dice say the mode will see squads “tested by their human resilience and resourcefulness against a new and relentless enemy all while trying to escape the Boreas laboratory.”

Its first trailer shows enemies that cross between Necromorphs and standard zombies rushing players as they use non-Plasma Cutter weaponry to cut them down. The Battlefield 2042 Dead Space crossover event runs from July 9 through July 16, and you can see its trailer below.

Your squad is about to become humanity’s last defense.#Battlefield 2042 | @DeadSpace 📅 July 9 – 16

— Battlefield (@Battlefield) July 3, 2024

With Outbreak comes a selection of free and purchasable goodies to walk away with. Free rewards include a new weapon charm and skin in addition to a player card background and tag. There’s also a Dead Space-themed bundle, which comes with a legendary specialist outfit called Marked Man, three legendary weapon skins, and more, that can be bought for 2200 BFC.

The Dead Space Outbreak event is part of Season 7: Turning Point, Battlefield 2042 final seasonal content update. EA announced that the current season will be its last in April, promising that the end of this entry’s content means the team can shift its focus to the future of the franchise.

“We know this news may be disappointing,” Battlefield general manager Byron Beede said at the time. “However, as we looked at what the future of the series required, it became clear it was time for us to shift our resources and focus to be fully dedicated to what comes next.”

Battlefield 2042’s Dead Space crossover event sneaks in some major content toward the end of this installment’s life. Although it suffered a rough start upon its launch in 2021, EA and Dice continued to offer frequent updates in the years since its release. Now, the team is looking to build out what is being called a connected universe for the series, though details on how this will unfold are a mystery. Game director Marcus Lehto announced that he was leaving EA earlier this year, and his studio, Ridgeline Games, was closed not long after.

While we wait for more news on the future of Battlefield, you can read up about an update for Battlefield 2042 that added additional voice chat moderation features.

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