Battlefield 2042’s limited-time Dead Space crossover is now underway

If the absence of any positive Dead Space 2 remake news has been getting you down, there’s at least one new way to get a bit of Necromorph in your life right now, even if it’s probably not quite what fans were hoping for. EA’s sci-fi horror series is the focus of a new Battlefield 2024 limited-time PvE mode, Outbreak, which is available to play now.

Outbreak, described as a “high-intensity survival mode”, pits up to four players against hordes of Augmented Targets (which regrettably look more like slightly fleshy crash test dummies than Necromorphs) as they travel across the Redacted map toward their extraction point.

Starting at the western end, the goal is to pass through eight sectors while facing off against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Players get one life per wave (downed players respawn on the next wave provided at least one squad mate survives) and Ascension points earned from defeating enemies can used at armoury stations to purchase weapons along the way.

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