DC’s New Pocketable Graphic Novels Are Only $10 Each – Watchmen, Batman, Superman, And More

You’ve got a trip coming up, one that’s estimated to be just long enough to enjoy a comic book/graphic novel in. While a trade paperback isn’t difficult to carry around, it can be a tad cumbersome, and that’s where this new line of “Compact Comics” comes in. Published by DC Comics, these are 5.5″ x 8.5″ paperbacks–about the size of a mass market paperback novel–that pull some of the best and most iconic stories from the publisher’s vast library.

DC originally unveiled the Compact Comics line last year, and the first batch of pocketable graphic novels, Watchmen and Batman: The Court of Owls, will finally hit shelves in a few weeks. Best of all, each book retails for only $10, which makes it easier to not worry about bending or tearing pages on the go. Each book is friendly to first-time readers, as they all tell self-contained stories. All 10 of the graphic novels in DC’s Compact Comics series for 2024 are available to preorder now at Amazon.

DC Compact Comics – $10 each

DC Compact Comics

June 4, 2024

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