Dead By Daylight Eighth Anniversary Stream: 2v8 Mode, New Co-Op Standalone, And More

Dead By Daylight is nearing its eighth anniversary of asymmetric slashers and survivors, and Behaviour Interactive has big plans to celebrate the game’s upcoming milestone. Behavior Interactive hosted a livestream today to lay out those plans, which include a standalone co-op project and a highly requested new mode.

The stream confirmed the addition of 2v8 multiplayer, a mode which doubles the standard amount of both Killers and Survivors in the match. The increase in players will also come with a few gameplay changes, which include a change to the Perk system and Killers using cages instead of hooks to contain their prey.

Year 9 at a glance 👀 What are you looking forward to the most?

— Dead by Daylight (@DeadbyDaylight) May 14, 2024

Behaviour also announced What The Fog, a new co-op roguelite standalone game set in the DBD universe. The game–which lets teams of two players fight through a procedurally generated world of monsters and obstacles–is available now, with the first 2 million copies available for free to those who have or create a Behavior account.

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