Deadpool And Wolverine Director Shawn Levy Still Regrets Passing On The Wolverine

Despite having a rocky time at the box office in 2023, all indications are that Deadpool and Wolverine is going to be a major hit for Marvel Studios this summer. Unlike any of the previous MCU films, it has the benefit of having both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in their iconic roles, complete with an R-rated script. But if Deadpool and Wolverine director Shawn Levy had made a different choice, he could have already directed Jackman’s character a decade ago.

While speaking with Empire, Levy revealed that Jackman approached him while they were working on Real Steel to ask him to come on board The Wolverine as the director. According to Levy, refusing that offer has haunted him for years.

“When we were making Real Steel, Hugh was looking to do The Wolverine, and he asked me if I wanted to do it,” recalled Levy. “And like a moron, I said, ‘No’. Because I was thinking at that time, ‘Well, it’s your fifth time playing the character, I’m doing original films et cetera’. And I regretted it deeply for years. And so, when the opportunity came around again, thank God I was older and wiser enough to jump at the opportunity.”

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