Destiny 2 Prismatic Guide: Recommended Builds And How To Unlock Fragments, Aspects, Supers

Alongside a new location to explore, campaign to complete, and raid to take on, one of the key additions in Destiny 2: The Final Shape is Prismatic. This is a new subclass, of which we’ve only ever had five in Destiny’s history, but this one is much different in that it blends together old and new options from the existing Light and Darkness subclasses to give you an interesting blend. With so many choices comes a lot of complexity, so we’re here to guide you through everything there is to know about Prismatic, including how to unlock it and all of its Supers, Aspects, Fragments, and other options, as well as recommended builds as we start to wrap our heads around what’s possible.

How to unlock Prismatic

Unlike Strand or Stasis, Prismatic is put into your hands early in the Final Shape campaign, and it isn’t taken away. You’ll have unrestricted access to it, although it takes time to unlock all of its customization options (more on that below). Simply fire up the campaign, and you’ll be mixing Light and Darkness like never before on your path to confronting The Witness. Part of this involves unlocking an entirely new Super and Aspect, which will also be available when using the corresponding elemental’s subclass, in addition to Prismatic.

How to get more Prismatic Supers, grenades, Aspects, and Fragments

What makes Prismatic so exciting and fun are all of the options you’ll eventually have at your disposal. Playing through the campaign will get you a limited selection of Supers, grenades, Aspects, and Fragments, but as you can see on the customization screen, there are more that await you.

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