Destiny 2: The Final Shape Campaign Missions List And How Long To Beat

After years of expansions and seasonal content, Destiny 2: The Final Shape has arrived. The latest expansion to the game introduces a new campaign that unfolds across a series of missions, all focused on preventing the Witness from enacting its plan to reduce the universe to a state of eternal stillness.

Can the Guardians and the rest of the coalition forces save the day in time? That’s a question that can only be answered by playing the game, and if you’re looking to dive in, here’s a list of every mission in The Final Shape campaign:

Destiny 2: The Final Shape missions


Similar to previous Destiny 2 expansions, that’s a handful of missions to work your way through, although each one is fairly lengthy and they’re supplemented by a brief dive into the game’s new strike, Liminality. The missions can be played in Normal or Legendary mode, and choosing the tougher difficulty will help you get ready for the Salvation’s Edge raid by rewarding you with a set of 1960 power armor.

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