Destiny 2: The Final Shape Resurrects Your Very First Gun As A New Exotic

A new Destiny 2 expansion means new Exotic weapons, and for The Final Shape, Bungie is resurrecting the very first gun that players ever got their hands on. Now sporting an updated look and a brand-new weapon perk, the Khvostov 7G-0X is making its debut in Destiny 2 as one of the Exotics that you’ll be able to unlock. For its new ability, Bungie is teasing a powerful ricochet round that can shred through enemies.

Return to your first days in the Cosmodrome.
With a shot that ricochets every 7th round, the Khvostov 7G-0X returns as a new exotic weapon with The Final Shape.

— Destiny 2 (@DestinyTheGame) May 15, 2024

The Khvostov 7G-0X was a reliable auto rifle for the first hour of Destiny back in 2014, although it was quickly replaced by weapons with higher stats and better perks early on in the game. Years later, the Khvostov would get a remake in Destiny’s final expansion, Rise of Iron, and would serve as a Jack-of-all-trades weapon with multiple firing modes. The quest to unlock it was fun and would go on to serve as a template for other Exotic weapon missions in Destiny 2, as players had to travel to the Plaguelands in the Cosmodrome, collect parts, and fight some powerful Splicers before the Khvostov could be turned into a powerful addition to your arsenal.

The Exotic mission ended with a touching moment between you and your Ghost, creating a surprisingly tender finale to Rise of Iron. Since then, the Khvostov has been absent throughout the years that Destiny 2 has been active, but at long last, the circle will be complete when it is added to the game in The Final Shape, the conclusion to the Light and Darkness Saga.

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