Double Dragon is being revived in 3D by the studio behind Dragon Ball FighterZ

Classic side-scrolling beat-’em-up Double Dragon is being reimagined in 3D by Arc System Works, the fighter-focused studio behind the likes of Dragon Ball FighterZ and Guilty Gear.

Double Dragon (for those needing a quick history refresher) first made a splash in arcades back in 1987, and has seen numerous sequels, spin-offs, and crossover releases – for both arcade and home systems – in the years since. Arc acquired the rights to the series in 2015, and would go on to release Double Dragon 4 in 2017, albeit to a fairly lukewarm reception.

While Double Dragon 4 and last year’s Secret Base-developed Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise Of The Dragons both leaned heavily on the series’ retro lineage, sporting a 2D pixel art aesthetic, Arc System Works has now announced a modern reimagining that’ll shift the series into 3D.

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