Every Batman Movie And TV Show Available On Blu-Ray Right Now

There’s never a bad night for some Dark Knight entertainment, and if you’re craving a Batman film, these days you’re spoiled for choice. An icon of cinema, Batman has appeared in dozens of films and TV show projects over the years. The live-action movies are arguably where Batman has left his biggest mark on mainstream media, but you’d be surprised to see just how good some of his animated adventures are.

If we’re talking big-bat-budget escapades, then you can’t go wrong with classics like Tim Burton’s one-two punch of Batman and Batman Returns. Starring Michael Keaton under the cowl, these films combined a dark atmosphere with an all-star cast of actors rising to menace the Caped Crusader. There’s a timeless quality to these films, as they were produced before CGI enhancements became commonplace, and the performances from Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Danny DeVito helped cement Burton’s tour of Gotham as legendary entertainment.

Shifting ahead to the current age, we’ve had some interesting interpretations of Batman over the last decade. Christopher Nolan introduced a Batman who could actually turn his head in his Dark Knight trilogy, while Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck created a vigilante who was a terrifying mountain of muscles hellbent on murdering Superman in his first outing. A few years later, we got Robert Pattinson in The Batman–or The Pattman–a grounded take on the hero where the focus was on detective work.

On the animated front, some of the best Batman projects of all time can be found in this department. Batman: The Animated Series is the gold standard for the character, while Batman Beyond offers a fascinating departure from the status quo that features an all-new hero wearing the mantle of the Bat in a far-future version of Gotham. Batman: The Brave and the Bold is pure Silver Age silliness at its very best, while 2004’s The Batman is a surprisingly cool take on the hero with radical redesigns of his sinister enemies–did anyone expect a Spongebob-voiced Penguin who had mastered Kung-Fu in this series? And the animated Justice League show puts Batman a global stage on which to wage his war on crime.

Then there are the DC Universe animated films, which are a collection of one-shots and connected tales that have been regularly produced for two decades now. These include fantastic adaptations of beloved comic stories like Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, and Under the Red Hood, as well as several original one-shot films.

As you can see, there are dozens of great Batman stories to watch, and the good news is many of them are available right now on Blu-ray. So, to help you track them all down so you can add them to your collection, we’ve we’ve compiled all the Batman Blu-rays currently available into a giant list below. You’ll find almost every Batman film and TV show on there, minus some gaps for the few films that haven’t made it past to Blu-ray yet–such as the awesome Batman vs Dracula–but we’ve also added a section for Batman-adjacent projects. These are mostly animated films featuring Batman, like several Lego movies, Justice League team-up appearances, and crossovers with other IPs like RWBY.

Batman: The TV Series

The ’60s Batman TV series starring Adam West as the Caped Crusader and Burt Ward as Robin is goofy, silly, and effortlessly charming—Silver Age Superhero antics at their finest. This Blu-ray collection packs the entire 120-episode run onto several discs and comes with over three hours of extra content.

Batman: The Movie

Batman’s 1966 film has everything you could ask for in a movie featuring the dynamic duo: Supervillains on the loose, sharks being punched, and a memorable scene where Batman simply can’t get rid of a bomb! A cult-classic, they don’t make Batman movies like this anymore.


Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film reinvented the vigilante for a grittier era with a dark and gothic adventure pitting Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight against Jack Nicholson’s Joker. The film still holds up pretty well 35 years after it was first released, and this 4K cut is loaded with extras, Prince music videos, and a fascinating documentary examining Batman’s impact on cinema.

Batman Returns

Tim Burton and Michael Keaton return for another round of superheroics in Batman Returns, which just also happens to be one of the best Christmas movies of all time (if you don’t mind being weirded out by Danny DeVito’s Penguin). Michelle Pfeiffer puts in a show-stealing performance as Catwoman, and this film looks better than ever in 4K. Once you’re done watching, you can enjoy more behind-the-scenes extras chronicling the creation of this iconic sequel.

Batman Forever

There’s no denying that Batman Forever is a kid-friendlier take on Gotham’s protector that lacks the dark fantasy nature of Tim Burton’s movies, but director Joel Schumacher went all in on this direction and created a fun movie for all ages. Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee-Jones chew up all the scenery whenever they’re on screen, Val Kilmer nailed the duality of Batman and Bruce Wayne, and Chris O’Donnell made an impact as Robin in this weird but memorable film.

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin might be a toy commercial, but it’s one hell of a toy commercial. It’s film a campy, zany, and colorful homage to the ’60s-era of Batman, featuring an amazing cast that includes George Clooney as Batman, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze, and Alicia Silverstone as the newest members of the Bat-Family, Batgirl.

Batman Begins

After Batman and Robin’s critical flop, Warner Bros. rebooted the franchise once again, this time for a more modern take on the hero. Director Christopher Nolan opted for a grounded approach to Batman, and recruited Christian Bale as his Dark Knight. Batman Begins is a fascinating reimagining of Bruce Wayne’s journey to becoming Batman, featuring amazing art direction and one of the best Batsuits of all time. It also has one of the coolest versions of the Batmobile yet.

Along with the movie, this Blu-ray release comes with a library of interesting extras charting Batman’s return to the big screen after a lengthy absence.

The Dark Knight

The second film in Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight, is an action-packed exploration of the toll Batman’s war on crime has on their personal life. For many, The Dark Knight is the best Batman movie. But even if you disagree, there’s no denying it’s a brilliant crime film. Much of the movie’s critical and financial success is owed to Heath Ledger, whose Oscar-winning performance as Batman’s arch nemesis, the Joker. Sadly, it would be Ledger’s final on-screen performance before he passed away 2008 shortly before the film’s premiere.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises closes out Nolan’s Batman saga by putting Batman through the ringer. Exiled and broken by Bane– a terrifying new powerhouse with grand designs to destroy Gotham–Batman must learn to conquer his fears if he wants to save his city from destruction.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

While Man of Steel kicked off DC’s short-lived “Snyderverse,” Batman V Superman cemented it as an interconnected cinematic universe. The film features Ben Affleck under the cowl, turning in one of the most savage live-action renditions of Batman. As the name implies, the movie follows a conflict between Superman and Batman that lays the foundation for Snyder’s Justice League movies. This Blu-ray is also for Snyder’s director’s cut, a longer version of the movie that is much better than the theatrical version.

Suicide Squad

Technically, Batman is only in Suicide Squad for a handful of minutes, but this still counts for the list! Suicide Squad is not a good movie, but if you’re looking to have a complete Batfleck collection, then you’ll have to compromise and add this average action flick to your shelf. On the plus side, you’re getting a pretty solid selection of extras with this Blu-ray.

Justice League

Like Suicide Squad, the 2017 cut of Justice League is mediocre at best. Joss Whedon took over for Zack Snyder after he left the production due to a personal tragedy in his life, and the end result is a by-the-numbers movie that looks average and lacks Snyder’s artistic vision. Fortunately, there’s a much better version of the film available to purchase–but this one is worth grabbing if you want a full collection on the shelf.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Zach Snyder’s version of Justice League, aka “The Snydercut,” would eventually see the light of day in 2021, some five years after the original version’s theatrical release. Snyder’s Justice League features all of his signature filming and editing traits, including a long run time that will push your bladder to the limit. It’s also presented in a new aspect ratio to help center your gaze on all of the explosive slow-mo action unfolding before you. If you’re a fan of Snyder’s work then you’ll love this finale to his Age of Heroes saga.

The Batman

We’ve seen Batman as a ninja-punching vigilante and a god-slaying badass in previous films, but director Matt Reeves wanted to focus on the detective side of the Dark Knight in 2022’s The Batman. With Robert Pattinson in the lead, The Batman offers the most realistic big-screen take on Batman yet, with a gritty and dirty tour of Gotham that sees a rookie Batman work to expose corruption and bring a murderer into the light.

The Flash

Proving that he hadn’t lost of any of his dark charm, The Flash saw Michael Keaton once again suit up as Batman to help the Scarlet Speedster save the Multiverse. Like the other Blu-rays on this list, you can kick back with several featurettes, deleted scenes, and more.


Detailing the evolution of Bruce Wayne into Batman, Gotham focuses on the city before it had a vigilante keeping the streets safe. It’s weird, campy, and occasionally hamstrung by a low budget, but this is still a fun show that regularly puts its own spin on the Batman mythos. It’s a shame it ends with a glimpse at what is easily the worst live-action Batman costume ever made.

Batman: The Animated Series

Batman starred in several animated series over the years, but Batman: The Animated Series soars above them all. A killer combo of quality storytelling, classic influences, and stellar voice-acting by the late Kevin Conroy, Batman: The Animated Series offer 109 episodes of the Dark Knight at his best.

Batman Beyond

When age catches up to Bruce Wayne and he finds himself no longer capable of protecting Gotham from a new generation of criminals, a new, untested hero inherits the legacy of Batman. At the time it first aired, Batman Beyond was a bold new direction for the franchise, setting up a new world full of fresh threats for this new version of Batman to face off against in a futuristic version of Gotham City.

Justice League

Batman took a step into a bigger world in Justice League, as he joined his fellow heroes to save the day from cataclysmic threats. If you loved the Batman or Superman animated series, then Justice League is a worthy followup full of multi-part adventures featuring DC’s greatest heroes.

Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited is sees DC’s best and brightest working together toward a common good. While Batman isn’t featured in every episode, he still makes a big impact whenever he does appear. With intricate plots, excellent animation, and an all-star cast of famous voices, Justice League Unlimited is a love-letter to DC’s past.

The Batman

The Batman reimagines the Dark Knight as a younger and cooler new hero, one who still has plenty to learn. This particular series featured bold reimaginings of fan-favorite characters and supervillains, mixing a family-friendly approach with top-notch animation. It’s a forgotten chapter in the history of Batman, but this series is an underrated gem that’s worth having in your collection.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Another throwback to the Silver Age, Batman: The Brave and the Bold features the Caped Crusader teaming up with DC’s best, brightest, and strangest heroes across multiple episodes–including the best version of Aquaman. Silly but never goofy, this is a fun show that’ll put a smile on your face as you see Batman explore the DC Universe.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 2Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 3

Beware the Batman

While not the best reboot of the Dark Knight, Beware the Batman is still fascinating to see a new direction for the vigilante. Combining slick CG animation with strange villains, and expanded roles for the supporting cast, Batman would hone his skills against foes like Anarky, Ra’s Al Ghul, and Deathstroke in this forgotten series.

Beware the Batman Season 1 Part 1Beware the Batman Season 1 Part 2

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm isn’t just a fantastic animated film, it’s one of the best Batman movies of all time. It might be aimed at a younger audience, but this movie pulls no punches with its portrayal of Bruce Wayne as he sacrifices the chance to have a happy life for an opportunity to become the Batman. Throw in stellar animation and Mark Hamill in his prime as the Joker, and you’ve got an all-time classic to watch now that it has received a 4K restoration.

Lego Batman: The Movie

Who has the coolest gadgets? Batman! Who has the tricked-out ride? Batman! Who has the best Lego movie? Batman! Who always pays his taxes? Not Batman!

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

The one-and-only Batman Beyond movie is an action-packed ride through Gotham, but the real fun here is the mystery at heart of this film as Bruce Wayne deals with ghosts from his past. Just how is the Joker alive when he’s supposed to be very dead in this timeline? That’s a case both Batmen will have to investigate if they can survive the return of the clown prince of crime.

Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero

Mystery of the Batwoman

Batman: Gotham Knight

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman: Year One

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite

Son of Batman

Batman vs. Robin

Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem

Batman: Bad Blood

Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders

Batman and Harley Quinn

Batman vs. Two-Face

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

Batman Ninja

Batman: Hush

Lego Batman: Family Matters

Batman: Death in the Family

Batman: Soul of the Dragon

Batman: The Long Halloween

Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham

Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Batman Team-Up Movies

Justice League: The New FrontierSuperman/Batman: Public EnemiesJustice League: Crisis on Two EarthsSuperman/Batman: ApocalypseJustice League: DoomJustice League: The Flashpoint ParadoxJustice League: WarJustice League: Throne of AtlantisLego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro LeagueJustice League: Gods and MonstersLego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Cosmic ClashJustice League vs. Teen TitansLego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Gotham City BreakoutJustice League DarkJustice League vs. the Fatal FiveSuperman: Red SonJustice League Dark: Apokolips WarInjusticeDC League of Super-PetsBatman and Superman: Battle of the Super SonsJustice League x RWBY: Super Heroes & HuntsmenJustice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part One

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