F1 Trailer Shows Brad Pitt Doing Something That’s Never Been Done Before

Brad Pitt is heading to the raceway if F1, the new movie from Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski. Pitt stars as a former driver who returns to Formula 1 in the movie, alongside Damson Idris as his teammate at the fictional APXGP team. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed that the movie will feature real F1 drivers and incorporate real events from F1 races. Pitt, age 60, would be the oldest racer in F1 history to start a race, just five years older than the actual oldest racer Louis Chiron.

The first trailer for F1 sets the stage for this world–and Pitt as our hero, Sonny Hayes. We actually see him (and others) racing F1 cars to the sound of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Check it out below.

The film is made in partnership with Formula 1 and its 10 teams, which meant unrestricted access to the tracks for the ultimate experience. Kosinski even joked with Deadline how they were “the eleventh team.”

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