Fallout 76 players can opt for a Ghoul-ish makeover starting early 2025

Fallout 76 players will be able to turn themselves into Ghouls in early 2025, Bethesda announced during the Xbox Games Showcase this evening. It’s a series first for the Fallout universe, and a move that’s sure to make the millions of new players who have started playing the Fallout games in the wake of the Fallout TV show jump with irradiated joy.

You’ll need to reach Level 50 before you can become your own version of Walter Goggins’ gun-slinging Ghoul in Fallout 76, and there will be a specific questline to complete that kicks off the path toward your eventual transformation.

Bethesda’s keeping the exact details of this quest close to its chest for now, but in a press briefing ahead of tonight’s reveal, creative director Jonathan Rush told Eurogamer that turning into a Ghoul will have a significant impact on how you play the game going forward.

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