Final Fantasy 14 Keeps Infamous Low-Poly Grapes Amid Dawntrail Graphical Upgrade

Final Fantasy 14’s infamous low poly grapes remained untarnished despite the rest of the game receiving a big graphical upgrade upon the release of expansion Dawntrail.

As reported by Game Spark and translated by Automaton, developer Square Enix is keeping up the running joke which began in 2022 when it released the Endwalker expansion. This beloved expansion was praised across the board with one small exception: ridiculous cuboid bunches of grapes which essentially have a JPEG printed across them, found in one of its maps.

They became an instant meme amongst the Final Fantasy 14 community and even Square Enix eventually got in on the joke too and gave away real world collectibles inspired by the grapes at the Final Fantasy Fan Festivals held in 2023.

Two years after their appearance and Square Enix released a major graphical overhaul of the massively multiplayer online game alongside its latest Dawntrail expansion. This left some fans a touch worried that the terrible yet beloved grapes would be consumed by high resolution graphics, but that’s thankfully not the case.

While everything else including the leaves around the grapes has been updated to pretty new graphics, fans will be relieved to hear the grapes remained practically untouched. Their color is a touch brighter but they still, for better or worse, stand out like a sore thumb.

Dawntrail arrived July 2, 2024 alongside the chunky Version 7.0 update, though not without issues. Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida apologized for the issues present in the expansion which include a major bug on Xbox that stops gameplay altogether when moving between locations.

Alongside the bugs and the graphics update, Dawntrail added new areas, quests, quality-of-life improvement, a huge graphical upgrade, and the Viper and Pictomancer jobs.

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