Frontier making third Jurassic World game, has two additional management sims coming over next three years

Elite Dangerous studio Frontier Developments has signed a deal with Universal Products & Experiences to make third Jurassic World title – and it’ll be one of three new management games coming from the studio over the next few years.

While Frontier hasn’t explicitly referred to the new game as Jurassic World Evolution 3, it seems unlikely it’ll be anything else given the studio goes on to note its Jurassic World Evolution series is currently one of the strongest in its portfolio. Jurassic World Evolution 1 & 2 rank first and second respectively in terms revenue generated over their first two years – and that’s despite Frontier previously admitting to “lower than expected” sales for the sequel on PC.

All Frontier has so far said about its next Jurassic World game is that it’ll be another “creative management simulation” – and that it’s one of three management sims the studio is planning on releasing over the next three consecutive years.

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