Furiosa Features A Cameo From Max, But It’s Not Tom Hardy Playing Him

This month’s new Mad Max movie, the prequel Furiosa, will feature a cameo from the character Max Rockatansky, but he’s not played by his most recent actor, Tom Hardy. Director George Miller told ScreenRant that Hardy’s stunt double from Fury Road, Jacob Tomuri, is stepping in to play the role in Furiosa instead of Hardy.

“It was Jacob Tomuri, who was Tom Hardy’s double. He also did some other stunts. He’s a New Zealand stuntman, and he was doing some other stunts on the film, and I thought, ‘Who better?’ Miller said.

Hardy’s Max was a main character in Fury Road. Furiosa is a prequel that focuses on a younger version of Furiosa, with Anya Taylor-Joy playing the part after Charlize Theron portrayed her in Fury Road. Given that Max only has a small cameo role in Furiosa, it seems likely Max isn’t a central part of the story, but it’s still cool to know he will show up anyway.

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