Gears Of War: E-Day Trailer Was Done Entirely In-Engine

Microsoft and The Coalition unveiled Gears of War: E-Day over the weekend, and already there is a bit of controversy regarding the game’s debut trailer. Surprisingly, it’s not about the series going back into the past rather than continuing from the cliffhanger ending of Gears 5, either.

Instead, Blizzard developer Jamir Blanco took issue on X (formerly known as Twitter) with a social media post by Summer Game Fest founder Geoff Keighley. The Gears of War: E-Day trailer–seen below–sees a young Marcus Fenix fighting off a Locust drone. Keighley said the video was “CG from Blur Studio,” a description that Blanco believes “diminishes all the technical achievements you probably didn’t notice from how good it was.” Blanco added that the teaser was “FULL REALTIME.”

For its part, The Coalition stated that the debut trailer for Gears of War: E-Day was in-engine. The video starts with “in-engine footage” text showing up at the bottom of the screen, and the developer expanded on this on Xbox Wire. This reveal trailer “is honoring the legacy” of the original Gears of War “Mad World” trailer, according to The Coalition, which was “rendered entirely in-engine.” It’s noted this was “a rarity at a time when the chasm between cinematic trailers and actual game graphics was notably wide.”

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