Google’s Latest Easter Egg Turns The Search Engine Into Minecraft

Mojang, the studio behind Minecraft, has teamed up with Google for the game’s 15th anniversary on May 17. The collaboration adds an Easter egg to the Google search engine, allowing users to start mining like they would in the game.

To get the Easter egg to work, users must search for Minecraft, Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Steve, or any other version of the game. After doing that, a small Minecraft icon will appear as a button on screen. After clicking it, a hand will appear allowing users to break off specific parts of the page.

Here’s how it looks in action.

As they break off more pages, different biomes will be revealed, including places like The Nether and The End. To exit this feature, all users have to do is click the X on the bottom of the screen. This will prompt a creeper to appear and explode, which will reset everything back to normal.

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