Gorgeous hiking adventure A Highland Song returns to the hills with free Harmony content update

A Highland Song, the acclaiming hiking adventure from 80 Days and Heaven’s Vault developer Inkle Studios, is tempting players back into its rolling Scottish hills with its free new Harmony update, introducing new stories, new music, and more.

A Highland Song, which launched late last year on Switch and PC, tells the story of teenager Moira McKinnon who runs away from her life of relative seclusion on the edge of the Scottish Highlands after receiving a letter from her uncle inviting her to his lighthouse on the coast.

What follows is an often magical blend of gentle narrative and exploratory platforming (“deeply, richly evocative, poetic”, is how Eurogamer’s Chris Tapsell put it in his four star review) as players guide Moira along one of A Highland Song’s many potential routes, each revealing new stories and secrets to encourage further playthroughs.

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