Haters Be Damned: Elden Ring Summoning Leads To Shadow Of The Erdtree’s Best Moment

Igon is the best character in Shadow of the Erdtree. He’s the best character in all of Elden Ring, in fact. He might be the best character in any From Software game. And if you’re the kind of person who makes “git gud” a cornerstone of your personality, you probably missed out on him.

You find Igon at the base of the Jagged Peak, and at first, he’s kind of a pathetic figure. He’s already injured when you discover him, and from his wailing laments, you learn that he’s trying to kill a huge and horrific dragon called Bayle the Dread. Apparently, Bayle already kicked Igon’s ass and he can no longer walk, so being the very nice person that you are, you leave him crying on the side of the road.

You might have thought Igon was a sad, broken man, but you haven’t yet seen the depths of his resolve. Later, as you climb the mountain, you slay a few dragons who stand in your way–first one, alone, and then two together. After winning the battle against two dragons at once, you hear laughter. It’s Igon, and seeing your performance convinces him that you’re the partner he’s been waiting for. He cuts off his own finger–that’s how summoning NPCs works in Elden Ring–and gives it to you, begging you to summon his soul in your fight against Bayle.

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