Here’s How Much Money Deadpool & Wolverine Is Expected To Make In Opening Weekend

Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters on July 26, and the film is expected to start very strong at the box office. But just what kind of numbers are expected? Multiple box office tracking services have published their reports and are expecting Deadpool & Wolverine to make between $160 million-$165 million at the domestic box office for its opening weekend, according to Deadline.

That would be the best debut for any movie in the US so far in 2024 and it would set a new opening-weekend record for an R-rated film in the history of movies. The 2016 original Deadpool movie currently holds the record for biggest opening weekend stateside for an R-rated film with $132.4 million.

Box office predictions are unreliable and highly variable, and are known to change, especially this far out from release. For example, a previous projection from the company Quorum was modeling Deadpool & Wolverine opening in the US to $200 million.

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