Hogwarts Legacy – Everything New In the Summer Update

A ton of content has been introduced to Hogwarts Legacy following the summer update. While some of the content has technically been in the game since launch, the rest of the update is brand new for all players. This includes cosmetics, a long-awaited feature, and a spooky quest that pits players against a poltergeist in Hogsmeade.

Below, we have listed all the major additions to Hogwarts Legacy from the summer update so you know exactly what to expect when you hop into the Wizarding World again.

Minding Your Own Business Quest

The piece of content that most fans were looking forward to in the summer update is the Minding Your Own Business quest. Otherwise known as the “Haunted Hogsmeade” quest, this was previously only available for PlayStation users. Following the summer update, though, it’s now in the game for all players, regardless of platform.

Minding Your Own Business is a quest that takes place entirely in Hogsmeade. You can start it once you complete Professor Weasley’s first quest assignment in Hogwarts Legacy. The quest involves a puzzle-filled dungeon, jumpscares, a poltergeist, and the prospect of owning a shop in Hogsmeade. We did a full quest walkthrough of Minding Your Own Business if you’re interested in completing it. The quest only takes around an hour, but it’s quite a memorable experience and unlike any other side quest in the game.

Photo Mode

Since the launch of Hogwarts Legacy, fans have been craving a photo mode so they can capture their favorite moments from the Wizarding World. After a year and a half, the feature has finally arrived. It brings with it a decent number of features, including different filters, the ability to change time and seasons, character poses, and more. While there are still some bugs to be worked out with the photo mode, you can now fully capture your character’s journey as they navigate the pitfalls of Hogwarts and its surrounding areas.

To access photo mode, you need to complete the main quest that gives you access to the Field Guide. After that occurs, press “Esc” on keyboard or “Options/Start” on controller. Then, look at the bottom-right corner of the screen. There should be text that reads “Photo Mode” and a button next to it (“K” on keyboard by default). Click whatever button is next to the text and it brings up the Photo Mode menu.

Felix Felicis Potion

The ability to brew the Felix Felicis potion was another previous bit of exclusive content for PlayStation players in Hogwarts Legacy. Now, all players can brew the “Liquid Luck” potion and have good luck for one in-game day. While you won’t be able to succeed at everything after consuming Liquid Luck, your character will have good fortune in “certain endeavors.”

To brew Felix Felicis, you need to unlock the Potions Station and Tool Wheel in the main questline. Once that’s done, you can brew the potion in the Potions room or in the Room of Requirement. The potion requires one Lacewing Fly and one Fluxweed Stem to brew. You can only consume one Felix Felicis potion per day.

Respec Talent Points

Another long-awaited feature in Hogwarts Legacy has been the ability to respec Talent Points. The summer update has delivered that ability, allowing players to reset all of their Talent Points by visiting the Talents menu. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to respec individual Talent sections, so it’s all or nothing. It can be time-consuming to re-select all your Talent Points if you’re a high level in Hogwarts Legacy, but you now have the ability to completely alter your character’s build.

You can put more points into the Room of Requirement menu if you’re transitioning to that stage of the game or perhaps you want a stealthier build and dump all your points into the Stealth menu. Either way, Hogwarts Legacy now features complete freedom with how you go about your build.

Lavender Borealis Broom

While the summer update introduced a large number of cosmetic items, one that stands out on its own is the Lavender Borealis Broom. This unique broom has a purple trail when you fly, making you truly separate yourself from other students at Hogwarts. You can claim the Lavender Borealis Broom as soon as you start Hogwarts Legacy after downloading the summer update. Once you claim it, you can equip it by going to the Brooms section of the Gear menu.

Circular Taped Spectacles

The Circular Taped Spectacles are an especially noteworthy addition to the facewear cosmetic pool, as they’re a nod to Harry Potter’s famous glasses. You can equip them in the “Collections” section of the Facewear Appearance menu.

Shopkeeper’s Set

The Shopkeeper’s Set is a classy and elegant look that is perfectly suited for those who complete the Minding Your Own Business quest in Hogwarts Legacy. The completion of that quest rewards you with your own shop, so you can truly act the part by wearing this new cosmetic set. The Shopkeeper’s Set contains an Outfit and Cloak/Robe to equip, which looks particularly nice with the new Ciruclar Taped Spectacles.

Azkaban Prisoner Set

Finally, the last noteworthy cosmetic item is the Azkaban Prisoner Set. Hopefully, you never have to wear these items for real, but they’re now available in Hogwarts Legacy. The Azkaban Set comes with an Outfit and Cloak/Robe to equip.

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