How To Get Clay In Stardew Valley

Clay is a relatively common building material found in Stardew Valley, used to make structures and craftable items. Unlike other building materials like Wood and Stone, it isn’t always obvious where you can find more Clay. Luckily, there are a few consistent ways to track down Clay in Stardew Valley.

Where to find Clay in Stardew Valley

Clay can most commonly be found by tilling dirt.

Clay is most commonly found by tilling either dirt or sand with your hoe. It can be a little inconsistent with how frequently it appears from tilling, but clearing out large areas of dirt, like the patches found near the Carpenter’s house, usually yields some Clay. You can also till the large amounts of dirt on your farm–with the exact amount depending on which farm layout you have. You can also till the dirt patches found sometimes in the Mines and Skull Caverns.

Artifact Spots, which look like worms coming out of the ground, can also yield Clay. Clay can also appear in fishing treasure chests and geodes, but similar to the Artifact Spots, so many different items can appear in these items that it’s not a consistent way to find Clay. Clay can also be mined from Clay Veins, but these are only found on Ginger Island, which you won’t get access to after completing either the Community Center or the Jojo Mart.

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