How To Get Smooth Stone In Minecraft

Plain old cobblestone or regular stone are fine building blocks in Minecraft, but why not add some flair to your next project? Smooth Stone is a variation of stone that unlocks some new recipes as well as looks extremely clean and unique compared to other blocks like it. Below, you can see the whole process of acquiring Smooth Stone and what it can be used for in Minecraft.

How to get Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Fortunately, Smooth Stone is crafted in a similar way to regular stone. In fact, you need regular stone to make Smooth Stone. For those of you who need a refresher, you make regular stone by following this process:

Craft a Furnace and place a smelting agent on the bottom box (Coal)Then place cobblestone in the top box and it will turn into regular stoneMaking stone in a Furnace

Using regular stone, you can follow the same process. This time, however, you need to put the regular stone in the top box and the furnace and coal will turn it into Smooth Stone. Unfortunately, this can take quite a long time, especially if you need large quantities of Smooth Stone.

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