How To Make A Bed In Minecraft

One of the first items you need to craft upon spawning into a Minecraft world is a Bed. The Bed allows you to reset your spawn point in the world, recover any depleted HP, and pass time to fast forward from night to day. It’s an invaluable item to have and it should be an early, if not your first, goals when spawning into a new world. Below, you can see how to make a Bed in Minecraft and how to use it correctly.

Making a Bed in Minecraft

A Bed only requires two resources in Minecraft, and both can obtained extremely early regardless of where you spawn. Below, you can see the exact recipe to craft a Bed at a crafting table:

Place three Wool blocks horizontally across the center of a crafting tablePlace three Wood Planks horizontally across the bottom of a crafting tableThe recipe for a Bed

Both of these materials are easy to obtain, but let’s go over how to get them just in case you’re having trouble. The Wood Planks can be acquired by chopping down any tree in Minecraft and making a crafting table. You can then take your Wood Logs and place them in the crafting table to obtain Planks of whatever Logs you chopped down.

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