Lego Jaws Set Revealed, Leaps Out Of Water August 6

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, and if you’re looking to celebrate the original blockbuster, this new Jaws Lego set is a must-have. Capturing the magic–or terror–of one of the pivotal scenes from the classic film, it’s available now to preorder at The Lego Store and is priced at $150. It’ll be available starting August 3 for Lego Insiders and it’ll start stalking the wallets of everyone else on August 6. How do you know it’s close by? Just keep an ear open for a relentless tuba tune in the background.

Lego Ideas Jaws

Recreating the scene in Jaws where Quint, Chief Brody, and Hooper faced down the shark–AKA Bruce–from the deck of the Orca, this set has almost 1,500 pieces. The Orca looks like it sailed in straight from the film set and is full of authentic details, while the shark is massive and dwarfs the included minifigures. It has an unsettling number of teeth and enough space in its mouth to chow down on everything from a salty shark-hunter to an explosive oxygen tank.

You can display the shark on its own thanks to a buildable pedestal, or you can combine it with additional bricks and the Orca to create a very cool diorama piece. There’s even an additional plate to attach to the display piece, referencing an iconic quote from Jaws.

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