Little Kitty, Big City Hats Guide – All Hat Locations

Little Kitty, Big City puts you in the paws of a cat who’s just trying to find his way home. However, while you’re out and about exploring, you might stumble upon certain collectibles that make this furball look even cuter. Here’s our guide on how to get all hats in Little Kitty, Big City.

Where to find all hats in Little Kitty, Big City

There are 42 hats in Little Kitty, Big City, and they appear as floating orbs of different colors. We’ve organized our guide so that all locations are numbered accordingly, and are grouped based on particular themes/mechanics.

Little Kitty, Big City – Hat locations on the world map

Above, you can see a map that shows the locations of all 42 hats in Little Kitty, Big City. Here’s how we’ve grouped them:

Orange icons: Hats #1 to 19 come from general exploration. Hats #1 to 5 can be obtained early in the game–i.e. while you’re looking for your first 25 Shinies.Hats #6 to 14 are acquired once you’ve given the Crow 25 Shinies, which also lets you explore the rest of the city. You may need to increase your climbing stamina a bit. This is done by finding the four fish locations in the game.Finally, hats #15 to 19 are tougher to get because you need to climb up buildings. You’re likely to need max stamina for these.Blue icons: Hats #1 to 5 denote the locations of gachapon machines. Each gachapon machine has four hats.You have to give the Crow several Shinies to receive a new hat.Purple icons: The panel in the upper-right corner has three more hats from (a) mini-quests and (b) campaign completion.

Hat 1: Ladybug Hat

After chatting with the Crow who’s asking for Shinies, go across the street and look for a crawlspace. You should then be able to climb up the bus.

Hat 2: Apple Hat

From the Crow’s spot, go to the right and checked the parked car near the orange cat.

Hat 3: Banana Hat

Continue along the street until you see a store where a tuxedo cat is taking a nap. Jump up the shelves and push the jam jars to cause them to break. The store owner will open the backroom door, allowing you to pick up this hat.

Hat 4: Hard Hat

Return to where you saw the orange cat and go to the small construction area. This is where you’ll meet the Tanuki, who eventually tells you about the game’s fast travel mechanics. Once you’ve given three feathers to the Tanuki, you’ll be transported to the other side of the fence.

From here, head to the nearby construction yard and avoid the foreman. Climb up the ramp and jump across the gap to grab this hat on a scaffolding.

Hat 5: Corn Hood

Look for a crawlspace in the construction yard so you can pick up a bone. Exit the yard and go to the alleyway that’s right beside it. A dog is guarding this section, but you can place the bone inside its bowl to distract it. This allows you to pick up the hat.

Hat 6: Bao Hat

At the end of the street with the fruit and jam store, you’ll see a crawlspace that leads to a dry garden (i.e. sand garden) with a cat napping spot. There are ivy vines that you can climb here, which take you to the roof of the house. Note that you may need to adjust your jump properly, or increase your stamina a bit more.

Hat 7: Turtle Hat

The next few hats in Little Kitty, Big City can be acquired once you’ve given the Crow 25 Shinies. Doing so opens up more areas for you to explore.

One of these areas is an alleyway behind the large shrine (there’s also a gachapon hat machine nearby). Go through the crawlspace to grab this collectible.

Hat 8: Cactus Hat

Make your way to the large shrine. Jump on the railings at the back, then jump again to land in the center of the bamboo shoots.

Hat 9: Satsuma Hat

Follow the street to the south of the large shrine. Just across from the arcade, you’ll see another crawlspace, which has a hat collectible that you can obtain.

Hat 10: Mushroom Hat

Head all the way to the northwestern corner of the city. Just before the pier with the fisherman and gachapon machine is a small shrine. There, you’ll find another hat collectible.

Hat 11: Fish Hat

Go to the opposite end of the pier to see a yard. It might look closed off, but there’s actually a small opening at the left-hand side of the metal gates.

Hat 12: Onigiri Hat

This particular hat is inside a store’s bathroom. You can reach it by jumping on the crates next to the guard dog. Note that this is also the last Chameleon location if you’re doing his quest chain.

Hat 13: Butterfly Hat

There’s a small construction area near the guard dog to the south. Go through the crawlspace to grab this hat, as well as the bone that’s used to distract the dog.

Hat 14: Eggplant Hat

Make your way back to the initial area–i.e. the street where the “Zoomies” tutorial popped up. There’s a little section with ivy vines that you can climb. You’ll then see this item next to a cargo container in the yard.

Hat 15: Crab Hat

These Little Kitty, Big City hat locations are going to be tough to reach, and you probably need more climbing stamina from the fish that you eat.

One, in particular, is the area where you started the game. Check between the house with the Shiba Inu and the painter to find some vines. Climb the vines and shimmy over to the opposite awning to reach the rooftop.

Hat 16: Shiba Hat

For this particular collectible, you have to find all three colorful balls for the Shiba Inu. You then have to roll these to the shallow pit:

One is inside a bin next to the dog. Just tip the bin over and roll the ball to the pit.Another ball is at the top of the house’s awning.For the last ball, check the tree in the yard to find a bird’s nest. Push the nest so that the ball falls back down on the ground.

Hat 17: Little Devil Hat

Return to the parking lot near the orange cat. Climb the vines next to the puddle, and continue going up until you reach the roof. Note that you can stand on ledges/awnings to restore your stamina.

Hat 18: Tiger Hat

The Tiger Hat and Sunflower Hat are a bit more difficult to obtain. Here’s what you need to do:

Make your way to the park and look for a truck with boxes that you can climb.Walk along the side of the building. Time your movement right because the industrial fans will push you away.Upon reaching the other side of the building, you’ll see some vines next to another industrial fan.Climb up the vines carefully and shimmy over to the right to get the Tiger Hat.

Hat 19: Sunflower Hat

Remember the industrial fan with vines that led you to the Tiger’s Hat? Well, this time, you need to shimmy over to the left of the vines. Doing so lets you land on a metal pipe. Follow the path to the other side of the building, but be very careful–falling back down to the street means that you have to climb up again.

Anyway, continue climbing the building via the ledges and pipes. Eventually, you’ll have a chat with Beetle, who asks Kitty to strike a pose. Past this area, you should see a very narrow ledge. Gingerly walk all the way to the back to find a balcony that has the Sunflower Hat.

What are gachapon hat machines?

There are five gachapon hat machines in the game. When you approach one, the Crow will ask if you want to pay Shinies to receive a prize. Since each machine has four hats that you can obtain, you have to collect more Shinies just to be able to buy them all.

Gachapon Hat Machine 1

Location: In the alleyway that’s north of the large shrine. It’s next to the crawlspace where you got the Turtle Hat.Prizes: Tangelo Hat, Pear Hat, Watermelon Hat, and Grapes Hat.

Gachapon Hat Machine 2

Location: Next to the fast travel point at the park.Prizes: Cone Hat, Cowboy Hat, Witch Hat, and Space Helmet.

Gachapon Hat Machine 3

Location: In the northwest corner of the city; next to the fisherman by the pier.Prizes: Daikon Hat, Taiyaki Hat, Salmon Nigiri Hat, and Ginkgo Hat.

Gachapon Hat Machine 4

Location: Go to the southwestern part of the city. The gachapon machine is in front of an apartment building near the “Toho Cinema” with the “Godzilla” (i.e. Gecko) statue.Prizes: Seal Hat, Mouse Hat, Frog Hat, and Hedgehog Hat.

Gachapon Hat Machine 5

Location: In front of the “Family Mart-esque” convenience store.Prizes: Axolotl Hat, Rabbit Hat, Shark Hat, Panda Hat.

Duck Hat

This particular Little Kitty, Big City hat can be yours once you’ve reunited all four ducklings with their father. You can learn more about this in our duckling locations guide.

Top Hat

This hat is a reward once you’ve found all of Chameleon’s hiding spots. We discuss this mini-quest further in our Chameleon locations guide.

Personalized Collar

Last but not least, you can obtain a Personalized Collar for Kitty once you’re able to return home. This is done by going back to the street where Crow asked you to bring 25 Shinies (i.e. the house icon on the map). From there, you have to keep climbing up, so make sure your stamina is maxed out. Upon entering your home, you’ll receive the collar and you can write down the cat’s name.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about the locations of all 42 hats in Little Kitty, Big City. Finding all of these collectibles also nets you the “Capped Crusader” achievement.

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