MaXXXine’s Blood-Soaked Hollywood Setting Is A Surreal Dream Come True

When X, the first movie in what’s become director Ti West’s epic horror trilogy, premiered, there was no way to tell how deep we’d sink into this bizarre and terrifying world. Now, with MaXXXine, the third installment due out Friday, star Mia Goth is closing out her starring roles in the films navigating a blood-soaked Hollywood.

In the movie, Maxine Minx (Goth), who we first met in X, has finally made it to Hollywood to become a star. Unfortunately for her, this is a horror movie. So, naturally, there is a serial killer (the Night Stalker) on the loose and bodies start to hit the floor.

MaXXXine is in theaters Friday.

The setting makes for some seriously picturesque and unique moments as terror unfolds not just across 1985 Los Angeles, but the backlot of Universal Studios, as well. After all, why would Maxine go to Hollywood, if not to end up on a movie set?

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