MCU’s Thunderbolts Is Trying To “Stay Away” From CGI As Much As Possible, Actress Says

Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she’s coming back to reprise her character again in Thunderbolts. In a new interview, she discussed the filmmaking process for that movie and talked about how Marvel movies are no longer guaranteed success stories at the box office.

Discussing the making of Thunderbolts, Louis-Dreyfus told The Daily that it’s “very methodical,” but not in a negative way. She added that Thunderbolts might have fewer CGI sequences than past MCU movies, as the story centers more on humans. “Particularly on this film, they are very much focused on, frankly, the humans’ story–believe it or not. I think they are trying to sort of go back to their roots as it were, for real. So there is a lot of focus on that,” she said. “They are trying to stay away from as much, I guess you would call it CGI or whatever, as possible. So the stunts are like everywhere.”

Louis-Dreyfus said she did a couple of stunt sequences, which involved multiple days of rehearsal. But she made it clear that she’s not becoming Tom Cruise and riding a motorcycle off a cliff. Her stunt sequences are “practically nothing,” she said, adding that he had “gobs of fun” filming them.

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