Metal Gear Solid Delta Features A Few New Lines From Snake Eater’s Original Cast

Modern game remakes typically replace the cast voices for a new generation, but Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater is bucking that trend by maintaining the original voiceover recordings, including David Hayter as Naked Snake. However, there will be a handful of new lines that were recorded for the remake according to series producer Noriaki Okamura.

“We’re using all the original voice performances, but there are some lines where characters teach you the controls that really don’t match anymore,” said Okamura through an interpreter while appearing on the Xbox Games Showcase Deep Dive podcast. “So we actually did get the original actors to re-record just those. Plus, back then, twenty years ago, we actually had to compress the voice acting down a lot to fill all that audio. Today, we aren’t as limited. We don’t have to compromise as much on formats and compression, so we can actually have those performances in even higher quality.”

During the interview, Okamura touched upon the updated and classic controls for Metal Gear Solid Delta, as well as Konami’s decision to move forward with this remake before tackling another take on the original Metal Gear Solid. He also explained why Delta is in the title.

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