Metal Slug Tactics Demo Out Now, New Gameplay Trailer Dives Deep On Combat And Upgrades

Metal Slug Tactics, the turn-based strategy spin-off of the classic SNK sidescrolling shooter series, now has a demo as part of Steam Next Fest. Players in the demo will be able to try their hand at the game’s tactical combat and tackle its entire first region.

A new gameplay trailer shows the level of depth players will be able to dig into in both the demo and the full game, with Metal Slug Tactics being described as a “roguelike tactical RPG” where players will level up the members of the Peregrine Falcons squad, improve weapons with perks, and make strategic decisions on which missions to complete and resources to acquire.

Each playable character can move and shoot in the same turn, and staying on the move grants an important damage reduction modifier that will be essential to staying alive. Each character sports a basic weapon with unlimited ammo, as well as a more-powerful secondary weapon that has limited shots. Ammo for secondary weapons can be replenished by completing specific objectives. Attacking an enemy while another friendly squad member is within striking distance will activate a Sync attack, described as one of the key ways players will be able to dominate the battlefield and maximize the amount of damage they can do each turn.

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