Much-Loved Factory Building Game Satisfactory Finally Gets Version 1.0 Release Date

Coffee Stain Studios’ much-loved factory building game Satisfactory has a version 1.0 release date: September 10, 2024.

Satisfactory leaves early access after five years of development and an impressive 5.5 million copies sold, Coffee Stain Studios, which also developed Goat Simulator, said.

Satisfactory is an open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat for up to four players. The game upgraded to Unreal Engine 5 this year. Here’s the official blurb:

“Enterprising Pioneers are tasked with charting and exploiting a vast and diverse alien planet to construct and automate intricate multi-story factories. Players must also defend themselves against hostile alien lifeforms, automate vehicles, and research new technologies to keep improving their constructs.”

1.0 brings with it “premium plumbing”, which means the HUB’s “once trivial toilet has been updated with an advanced flushing mechanism, providing an extra luxurious worker experience for fans.” Check that out in the trailer below.

Satisfactory entered early access in March 2019 and has received eight major updates and hundreds of smaller updates in the years since. The 5.5 million sales figure is the result of a sizeable community that continues to play now, and the 1.0 launch will surely see another jolt of interest.

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