My Hero Academia: You’re Next Is Coming to US Theaters in October 2024

My Hero Academia’s upcoming film, You’re Next, is coming to North American theaters on October 11, 2024.

Announced at Anime Expo, My Hero Academia: You’re Next is the fourth anime film from the mega-popular superhero anime. The film, which loosely takes place after the anime’s sixth season, sees Izuku Midoriya and his friends contend with a new villain called Dark Might.

Unlike their previous silver screen foes, Dark Might’s motivation stems from a misplaced sense of justice, believing he is the true inheritor of All Might’s will. You can peep the film’s very busy theatrical poster below.

A new Symbol rises. My Hero Academia: You’re Next comes to North American theaters October 11, 2024! #MHAYoureNext

— My Hero Academia: You’re Next (@MHAYOURENEXT) July 6, 2024

You’re Next’s North American theatrical release coincides with the broadcast of the Season 7 of My Hero Academia as well as its manga’s final chapters. My Hero Academia will officially end with its 430th chapter on August 5, 2024. Its conclusion also spells the end times for its anime, considering its most recent episodes are in the 350th chapter range of its source material.

“It was a rocky road, but I was able to draw Deku and his friends for nearly 10 years thanks to everyone who kept on reading,” creator Kōhei Horikoshi said in regarding the manga’s ending. “It was a dream. Thank you so much! Well, let’s meet again in Jump!”

In our 8/10 premiere episode review for the anime’s latest season, we said, “My Hero Academia returns with a season 7 premiere full of action, some character development, and one hell of a cool character introduction.”

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