Nintendo Just Surprise-Dropped The Scariest Game Teaser Of The Year

After last month’s Nintendo Direct offered a glimpse at upcoming titles like Metroid Prime 4, we assumed that Nintendo hadn’t held anything back. But apparently, there’s something spooky on the horizon, judging by Nintendo’s creepy new teaser. It tells us nothing about the game–not even its title. But it does pose a single question: Who is Emio?

We’re assuming that Emio is the man in the trench coat with a paper bag over his head that has a hand-drawn face on it. Nintendo isn’t exactly known for its Mature-rated horror games, but that’s what this appears to be unless Luigi’s Mansion 4 is taking a very dark turn.

Emio does have a listing on Nintendo’s home page, which is also lacking in details. What it does reveal is that the smiling man’s expressions can change. And as unsettling as his current look is, one of Emio’s alternate expressions is even more sinister.

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